Inspire Pro 7/27/14

It has taken me a while to get around to posting this. Law school is rough, y'all. They don't like to give us a ton of free time. 

Let me take a second to say a nice thing about this guy. This is Brandon Stroud. He does things on the internet, and now he does things in real life. I like to imagine that he didn't do real life things prior to announcing for Inspire Pro, but there you have it. I have to say something nice about him because he singlehandedly makes the Inspire Pro shows the most enjoyable experience. Before the show starts, he gets on the mic and tells people not to be racist or sexist or homophobic while they're watching—this includes the wrestlers. I've written and said it before, but this is the best thing ever. Local wrestling is a world where calling someone a "f*ggot" or worse isn't just acceptable, but it's 100% encouraged by the audience. As a general rule, people that like wrestling tend to be the worst. Inspire Pro is the future when it comes to inclusion and general human tolerance, and hopefully this is a small step toward making things not suck. Every promotion in the world should start their shows this way